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Teaching English to the world!

Leila and Sabrah are English university teachers. Having taught many different kinds of English, from general English, exam English and currently, English for Academic Purposes. We are now sharing our teaching skills with YouTube and having a lot of fun being creative and encouraging students to love English.

‘Do you want to study English in the UK?’

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How to become fluent in English


We are both English teachers who teach at a British university, and we are native speakers. Love English with Leila and Sabrah is here to help you learn, improve and perfect your English! Grammar, vocabulary, idioms, pronunciation, academic English, IELTS, exam skills and even British culture. Our online lessons have it all!

Follow our steps to fluency which include learning the language in context and teaching you how to learn step by step with a disciplined but fun approach. We believe the language learning process can be enjoyable! We teach you how to have more effective study skills so that you can learn efficiently at any age and even with limited time. Learning more efficiently makes the process faster much more fun!

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